Installation, usage, and care guides

Out-Front Mounts

WARNING: You must completely remove the clamp screw, highlighted by the red arrow in the image below, from your mount before installation and uninstallation.

AirTag Cases

Your AirTag is only compatible with saddle-rails of the height specified at the time of purchase. Do not attempt to install your AirTag case on saddle rails of a different height.

Diagrammatic installation instructions are located on the reverse of the card included with your purchase.

Light Brackets

Push your light into the jaws of bracket; the bracket jaws will pry apart and your light will seat itself with a "click!" as they close around it.

To remove your light, overcome the clamping force of the bracket jaws by pulling or pushing your light out of the bracket; the bracket jaws will pry apart and your light will be released.

General Information 

  • Do not exceed payload limits stated on the product page associated with your purchase.
  • Screws should be tightened only until the part is secure and immoveable in its mounting location. Do not over-torque.
  • Aerohead parts should be washed only with water and soap or detergent.


If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.