Crash Replacement Programme

We are riders first and foremost. If you take a spill and damage your Aerohead accessory, we will offer you a reduced price on a replacement part, subject to the following terms.

The Crash Replacement Programme (CRP) is provided for all Aerohead customers and is non-transferrable. Aerohead will replace components with the latest variant of the relevant component. In the event that a component category has been discontinued, this concession will not apply.

The following discount rates will apply:

  • Up to one year from purchase, 35% discount.
  • Up to two years from purchase, 25% discount.
  • Up to three years from purchase, 20% discount.

To take advantage of the CRP, contact Aerohead at

Please include a description of how the product was damaged along with photographic evidence. We will evaluate your claim and, if the terms of the CRP are met, will offer a discount code for a replacement part.

We reserve the right to decline replacement for any reason.